Zometa Anyone?

Hi everyone
I am currently on monthly Zometa IV for bone mets. Recent consultation with onc says he wants me to continue un this until further notice.
My private health will cover just 6 sessions. Onc will write the necessary letter to recommend further sessions are covered by them, but cant see them agreeing. Other option is to switch to oral form.
And that is my question - does anyone out there take this and how is it for them?
Final option I guess is for me to fund my own IV’s. Does anyone do this, and how much is it per session?


I’ve had it for 3.5 years now and get it via NHS. Onc says I’ll stay on it as long as it works. A while ago, a doctor at GP surgery said it cost £195 a time - they were looking at budgets and the difference between one of my drugs as the branded version and one as the generic…No idea if this is still the cost or if it has come down at all.


Hi Hel,

I’m on private insurance and have had none stop IV Zometa for over 2.5 years now.

I was told initially that they’ll only cover it for 6 months also. But later find out what they meant was my onc just have to re-apply all medication (Zometa / chemo / hormonal tablets etc) every 6 months. I’m not sure whether that’s the case with you.

Lots of us are taking the tablets form as well and have been effective for them. So, even if this has to be your choice, don’t worry too much about it.

M xx

Hi Hel

I recently switched from Zometa to oral Ibandronic acid and didn’t get on with it. Had the most horrendous stomach probs despite taking the stuff as recommended (take on empty stomach with 200mls plain water. Stay upright and no food for an hour afterwards). Ended up having to take omeprazole and have switched back to Zometa. BCN says it’s not uncommon although there are obviously lots of people out there who get on ok with it. Hope you get it sorted.

My PCT doesn’t fund Zometa full stop so it wasn’t an option for me and I started on Pamidronate, which is another IV bisphosphonate. It therefore may be a possibility if your private health care won’t fund Zometa after the 6 months that you can still have IV bisphos? However it does take a lot longer to take, 90 minutes, which is why I switched to tablet form about 6 months after finishing chemo (when I had the Pamidronate at the same time). I also suffered like Alesta when I switched, dreadful stomach cramps etc and thought I’d have to change back. But after a month these calmed down and I’m glad I’ve stayed on the tablets - no more hospital visits and hunt the vein :wink: Horses for courses so they say! However I think what I’m trying to stay is there are other options if you can’t get funded for Zometa!
Nicky xx