Zometa - no one told me it would be this bad!!

I had my first zometa IV yesterday because of bone mets. Onc warned me that the first infusion can make you A BIT achy and feverish. I woke up this morning like i have the worst flu ever - even worse than man flu I do believe. Everyy bone, joint, muscle in my body id aching so much I have only just crawled out of bed in the hope being able to eat something but can’t find anything to inspire me. Supposed to be restarting capecitebane to day but think I will leave it a day or 2.
Anyone else had this and if so please tell wont last long and is only the first infusion.

Hi Louise,

Sorry to hear you are feeling so rubbish after the zometa. I did have flu like symptoms and felt off the day after my first one but had been warned of this and to take paracetamol and drink plenty of water while the iv was going in and afterwards. There hasn’t been any real problems since and that was over 2.5 yrs ago now. I do find it makes me very tired suddenly the night after I’ve had it and/or teatime of the following day but that’s bearable (and can be a good excuse at times!!). My main problem is hunt-the-vein. I’m off for my next lot this afternoon and am not usually superstitious but it is Fri 13th…!!! I only have bone mets so don’t know whether some of what you are experiencing is because it may have more of an effect in your case with you having the other drugs too. There are tablet versions of this type of drug that other ladies are on and they may not have the same side effects. Perhaps see how you go after the next dose and whether it is your body adjusting to a new drug.

Good luck anyway,


Hi Louise

Oh you poor thing - yes I had it too, and it was awful. It came on during the night and I couldn’t move - couldn’t even manage to get the glass of water that was by the bed. I hadn’t been warned so it was a complete surprise. But it really only lasted 24 hours. I dosed up on paracetamol and was soon fine, and I then had a year of Zometa without any problems.

Liz - would it be worth having a port fitted if your veins are bad? It makes the whole process so much more bearable.

finty xx

Hi Finty,

Fortunately I’m not on chemo so the veins are only needed for the monthly zometa and I can stand a few goes if need be!! They do my bloods at the same time too. When it comes to needing chemo again (will do at some point but hope it’s later rather than earlier!), it will be port time. At the mo, if the veins get too bad, onc will probably move me to tablet bisphosphonate.

Hope I’m not tempting fate…!


Hi Louise
Sorry you are feeling so rough after your Zometa. I had been warned that my 1st (IV) bisphosphates could give these symptoms but, as I had it at the same time as my 1st chemo, it was difficult to tell what caused what! I hope you get over this as quickly as the others have and don’t have any further problems - hang on in there :slight_smile:
Nicky x

Liz - in that case I wish you many years of hunt the vein!


Hi all
Thanks for the kind words
I have finally dragged myself out of bed although still in pjs. I’ve slept most of the day and do feel a bit better. Wont tell OH till after he has cooked dinner!

Hi Louise, my very first bisphosphonate infusion left me feeling awful for 24 hours. I woke up the next morning following the infusion and nearly fell down the stairs, I was so dizzy and flu like. Have never had any side effects since…Take Care…x