Hi all,

I have just had my first treatment yesterday of Zometa. Anyone else on it?

How are you getting on with it?

Hi there

maybe the moderators can move this to medical treatments ?

I cannot say enough good things about zometa - without wishing to invite bad luck it has really done its job on my bones (they are in better shape than when secondaries were diagnosed nearly 18 months ago) and I have had no side effects after the first two infusions. Remember to drink water while it is going in so that you stay hydrated…


Thank you very much for your support.

Thank you very much for your support.

Hi there,
I have had one Zometa infusion and have been really sore for almonst 3 weeks! I am due my next one and havn’t recovered yet!
Has anyone else had this problem? I know a few have said it only happens the first couple of times, so I live in hope. As ever-- I didn’t feel ill till they started treating me!!!