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26 with breast indentation when flexing with hand on hips


Re: 26 with breast indentation when flexing with hand on hips


I’m so sorry you’re in this position. Health anxiety is a horrid condition and makes the most obvious step for reassurance really hard. Breast cancer is unusual at 26 but, as you’ve established, not impossible. All young women should be taught how to examine their breasts and what to look for so this in itself is a good reason to make that appointment with your doctor. However, since you have already noticed what MIGHT be a symptom, that strengthens your reason to see your GP.

I do understand - I have phobias and panic disorder and I feel about the dentist what you probably feel about the doctor. However, it’s just common sense. If you don’t bite the bullet and see your GP, this high level of anxiety will keep growing. It won’t go away when or if you stop noticing and your boob will get more and more sore as you keep poking and prodding.

So, as someone way older than you but completely in the same mindset (dentist, not doctor) my advice is

1. Ring your GP to make an appointment immediately. The chances are high that you will be reassured. If not, now’s the time for thorough tests so, if it is something, it’s caught nice and early and treatment is simpler.

2. Request of your GP an appointment with the practice nurse to be shown how to examine your breasts to avoid future worries

3. KEEP AWAY FROM GOOGLE. Many of us have been bitten badly by Google, often referred to as Dr Google. The information is misleading, often outdated and simply cannot be trusted. It can’t apply to individual circumstances and it doesn't give a toss about your feelings.

And do let us know the outcome. We do care. All the best xx


26 with breast indentation when flexing with hand on hips

I am 26 years old and noticed a while ago that when I put my hands on my hips and flex my left boob at the bottom looks different then my right. There is an indentation and almost like softer skin when I do it. Not a hole but an indent. I have terrible health anxiety and it’s making me physically sick imagining the worst. It has not gotten any bigger and has stayed the same. I have very large boobs and 2 years ago lost a lot of weight and recently started putting back weight.

when you look online you see horror stories about indents. I know I should get this checked but looking for any advice. My anxiety and depression make me terrified of the dofotr