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Advice after results


Re: Advice after results

Hi vanesan7


I found your post so very sad to read and wish I could reassure you but I don’t think I can.


I’ve suffered from anxiety and panic disorder since I was 15 (over 50 years now) and so I do understand how an obsession can take hold of you and you can’t let it go. For me it’s the simple idea or fact of being sick. I too had a clear ultrasound after a clear routine mammogram 7 months earlier but fortunately my consultant took took biopsies. Cancer was diagnosed and the next ultrasound was more rigorous and productive. However, I can’t see how an MRI can be questioned as the data is seen in different ways. I guess you could ask for a repeat analysis of the data but that’s more expense. Until your post, it would never have occurred to me to question something I consider as definitive as you can get.


Your fear is very real, whether you have cancer or not, and it needs to be addressed. Why not start by ringing the nurses at the number above. They are great, knowledgeable and reassuring, and may well have sound advice for you, because you can’t be the first woman in your situation. Meantime, please keep away from Google. It’s a dangerous tool in the hands of the vulnerable and can fuel our fears.


I hope you find some comfort somewhere. Best wishes,

Jan x


Advice after results

Hello everyone,

I have been having such a hard time.


I have depression and anxiety. I have had breast pain for about 2 years.

I recently took action and got 2 ultrasounds and an MRI.


All tests have came back as negative however I still feel the majority of the symptoms of BC.

My left breast is the problem as my arreola is wrinkly, heavy, and I feel a lump whenever I am sleeping and I squeeze it.


I have received assurance that my breasts are fine however why do I have such a hard time believing them?My mind always seems to wonder off places suggesting they made a mistake in the mri and thats why it doesnt show up. What if the contrast IV came out my vein? What if the technician got distracted?

So many things that can happen, how do we for sure know I do not have BC?


Some symptoms I'm trying to deal with right now are trouble swallowing, heart flutters and just a general sense of tiredness.


Has anyone been in the same boat? Does it get better? Im losing hope.