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Biopsy results back consultant still concerned

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Re: Biopsy results back consultant still concerned

I feel for you, lots of us on the forum understand how it feels to be in anxious limbo, its so horrible .I had the opposite experience - they were not very concerned by my ultrasound but the biopsy they did " as a precaution" showed it was cancer .If they don't get enough cells or precisely the right place with a biopsy sometimes they don't get an accurate result and need to repeat but sometimes the images do not give the correct diagnosis either as in my case .When are they repeating your scans ? 


Biopsy results back consultant still concerned

I’m 37 and found a lump in my breast last year, went for a scan and told it was normal breast tissue and no lump was shown on the scan. 

In the last year the lump has grown so I went back and the lump is showing on the scan, I had a biopsy, went back for the results today. The doctor said the biopsy has come back as normal breast tissue but they are concerned as the results don’t match the picture on the scan. 

I now have to wait for another appointment for another scan and they will decide if all is fine if not then I will have to go back for another biopsy. 

This is really effecting me being in limbo, I can’t take the waiting and not knowing. 

He said I was at a level 3 risk whatever that means? Anyone had this happen to them and what was the outcome? 

Im just sat in the car crying as don’t want my children to know anything’s wrong, really scared.