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Breast Surgeon??

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Re: Breast Surgeon??



The clinics are usually run by the 'breast surgeon', they are generally leading the ultrasounds, mammograms and the process IF there were extra tests needed. They are usually also the first ones to do a manual examination, to determine benign and breast cancer issues. I think your GP has just used a different terminology; most people DO see the breast surgeon as the one and only person they see at the clinic. Many are given the 'all clear' at this point by the surgeon, but if there were a different outcome and treatment were needed the breast surgeon would also lead/request all following parts of the process.


Re: Breast Surgeon??

Hi SueBoo22,

I don't think so. Breast clinics are staffed by multidisciplinary team - including breast surgeons. They don't work in isolation. You would usually be examined by  a doctor, probably a registrar,  then have tests at same time such as mammograms and/or ultrasounds first and biopsies as well if they think there may be a problem. 

Your GP may just have meant breast clinic.

I hope all goes well for you on Tuesday.  It is a stressful time waiting.

Take care.





Breast Surgeon??

Hey out there,

Just wondering if there is a difference  your gp sends you straight to the Breast Surgeon her words not breast clinic. 2wk referral was called the next day and have my appointment on tuesday. So is there a difference anyone please