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Clear results but now shoulder pain


Re: Clear results but now shoulder pain

Hi Rose92

You are not being a drama queen, you have a right to be concerned, however it sounds like you may have inflammation in the shoulder blade. Inflammation can continue through the body, from the point of origin, the shoulder blade, to the site of where the lump is. Is the lump palpable? Can you move it around? 



Clear results but now shoulder pain

I found a lump on the top part of my left breast back in November and was referred to breast clinic by my GP straight away. I had an appointment 2 weeks later where I had an ultrasound which showed the lump was just fibrous tissue. They asked me to return in 8 weeks in January to check the lump again which I thought would just be a “oh it’s fine” sort of appointment but when I got there they asked to take biopsies as they weren’t happy that it hadn’t reduced. Results came back a week later and they said they were happy it was clear and all fine however they wanted me to go back again in 3 months to double check. My appointment was due this week but I had to reschedule due to work commitments and now my app isn’t until the end of next month. I’m slightly concerned as I’ve had a constant dull ache in my left shoulder blade/upper back (same side as lump) for the last 3 weeks now. No matter what position I’m in or my arm is in it just hurts all the time and is so uncomfortable. I’ve tried all sorts of stretches and massaging it but it’s not relieving it at all. Should I be worried and go back to the doctors sooner in case it’s related or am I being a drama queen and it’s probably just a pulled muscle? Thoughts please!