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Consultant rang he wants to see me today :(


Re: Consultant rang he wants to see me today :(

I’v read it! I dont know much as I’m just looking through the site as I have a go appt as I found a lump yesterday, at gp later today see what they say!

Not sure how to help as I don’t know much about breast lumps yet. Hopefully someone in here with help :9) but I’m hoping you are ok and hope the news is good not bad when results come in x

Re: Consultant rang he wants to see me today :(

So now I’m really confused.... the left side they were adamant was a fibroidnoma apparently isn’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ He’s now saying he’s 95% adamant it’s a papilloma but they were adamant before and he said he can’t be 100% so they want to do surgery to remove it and analyse it all

There’s a lot of adaments and now I don’t know wether to believe the adamant statements 😞😞. I know this could’ve been a lot worse but I feel worse still not being 100% as adamant doesn’t hold any weight anymore
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Re: Consultant rang he wants to see me today :(

Hi Gemma, you're probably at the appointment now, loads of best wishes & let us know how you get on.

ann x


Consultant rang he wants to see me today :(

So my update from below had a call saying results are back.... he wants to see me this evening at 6:30

Apparently his message was don’t be unduly worried ..... which tells me it’s not catatrosphic but there’s something to worry about

I’ve just cried in my yoga class

I’m not telling anyone I’m going to go on my own and tell them when I know something

I’m scared **bleep**less



I’m new here to the group. And I’m sorry for the essay 😞

This year I had a recall from a smear test and ended up having a colposcopy and a biopsy which came back clear. While I was waiting for these results I decided to start checking my breasts ie a cancer scare shocked me to it. I felt a lump but said and I’d nothing as thought I was just being over aware. Once my cervical biopsy came back clear I made the appointment for my bupa 3 year medical work pay for (they had been chasing me but I put if off until after all the hospital stuff was over). Well as I’d hit 41 I was offered a mammogram- I thought yes good idea then I know what I feel is normal and gives me a baseline
10 days later I get a call they have found something....
Last night I went to see the consultant, yes the mammogram picked up the lump in my left breast but apparently there was a larger mass in my right 😱 after an examination I went straight for an ultrasound where the doctor is kind of certain the left is a fibroadenoma however the larger mass on the right isn’t. I then had 6 core biopsy’s taken ..... I took no-one with me as wasn’t expecting that and also I saw what the cervical scare did to my mum. To say I’m in shock is an understatement.
My dressing is covered in blood as obviously from one of the sites I’ve bled heavil - is this normal?
Why did I have core biopsy instead of needle is that a sign?
Did I use up all my luck getting a negative cervical biopsy?
So scared second time in 4 months going through this

That felt good to write it all down - even if no one reads it