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Feeling alone and worried about biopsy


Re: Feeling alone and worried about biopsy

Hi Sphynx_mummy


I echo what Chick has said but want to add a couple of things. I found a huge lump in my breast when I was younger - it turned out to be a fibroadenoma, a harmless mass of hardening tissue, and it was removed in day surgery. Most breast lumps are not breast cancer. In fact, it’s good that they aren’t sure what it is - often they can tell just by the feel that it’s breast cancer. Keep reminding yourself of that and, meantime, avoid the pull of Dr Google - always terrifying and overall disaster as it doesn’t grasp individual circumstances, let alone emotions.


It’s hard waiting but it’s made easier if you aren’t feeling you’re holding onto a secret. Sharing is important. If you really feel your husband won’t be supportive or will overreact (the only reasons I can think of for not telling him), do you have a friend you could confide in? But I’m with Chick on this - imagine how upset you’d feel to know he’d kept something from you because he didn't want to worry you. Get a big hug, soon as you can. It’s a scary time.


As for your GP!! Well done for being assertive. That takes real character!

Hope you get a clean bill of health - keep us informed.

Jan x


Re: Feeling alone and worried about biopsy

Hello Sphynx, 

Glad you have found somewhere to share your concerns. No need to be apologise for your post. I can understand you not wanting to say anything to people yet - I kept things close to my chest (!) too. However, if it really affecting you, would it be helpful to share your situation with your partner at least? Would you want to know if something was concerning him and support him through it?

Remember you can  also ring the helpline here and talk things through with the nurses to help relieve the worry. 

Please try and stop beating yourself up for waiting to get things checked out. I think you shoukd be applauding yourself for being assertive with the GP.  and for going to the breast clinic and facing up to things. So well done you. 

As is said, most lumps etc found are benign so don't jump the gun just yet. You just have to try and take things as they are for now and try and avoid torturing yourself. 

Whatever it is, you will deal with it. It is hard waiting for the results and for the next appointment.  So just try and get on with things one step at a time.  Very best wishes to you,

Chick x 🐥 


Feeling alone and worried about biopsy

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to talk to someone really, as I haven't told my husband or my parents as I didn't want to worry them.

I'm 36, I have 2 children, I found a lump in my right breast in early August. I ignored it (I know how stupid that is, I'm ashamed but I just blanked it out). Well 3 weeks ago I found another lump under my armpit and my right nipple has started leaking milky/ clear discharge constantly. So I went to my doctor finally, she said she couldn't feel any lumps and made me feel quite silly, she told me to go back in 6 weeks if I still had nipple discharge. I told her I was not happy to do that as although she couldn't feel the lumps I could and I would just be worried. In the end my doctor reluctantly got me an appointment at the breast clinic. I went on Friday on my own, having told noone about my appointment, the doctor there could feel my breast lump (she didn't appear interested in my armpit lump and stated she would see to that when they had decided what my breast lump was). I had a ultrasound and was told they were not sure what my lump is, but that it is 3cm by 3cm and it is surrounded by 'a mass'. I had to have a biopsy and was told to 'not worry' and go back for results in 2 weeks. I feel ill with worry now and guilt at having waited almost 3 months after I first felt the lump to see the doctor. I cant stop thinking the worst and worrying about my children and my parents as I'm all they have now since my sibling died in an accident when we were children. I'm sorry for this long post.