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It doesn’t look malignant?


Re: It doesn’t look malignant?

Thank you Annie, I hope so! 🤞 The waiting is horrid. I must have checked my phone 100 times today!! 

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Re: It doesn’t look malignant?

I would be cautiously optimistic if he said it doesn’t look malignant. I was poked ( sorry, examined) and then mammogrammed at my one stop shop and then immediately told it was malignant and I had cancer. I guessed it was as the lump showed as a bright white star on the chart. For me the biopsies were just to confirm it. Until you know otherwise there’s always hope. Fingers and toes crossed for you, but these medical people are damn clever. 🍀


It doesn’t look malignant?

Hi all. I’m 54 and found a lump in the upper outer quadrant of my left breast about 6 weeks ago. I waited through a 4 week cycle before going to GP to see if it changed at all, which it didn’t.

i had mammograms age 49 and 52 which were reported clear.

Just had mammogram on which it’s very clear and ultrasound. Core biopsies were taken a couple of days ago so waiting for results.

consultant said “it doesn’t look malignant” but is definitely a mass not cystic. He suggested probable Fibroadenoma but everything I read about them suggests they occur in much younger women. Feeling anxious and confused by reassurance without results. Am I over reacting or am I right to be worried?