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Lump but no signs on scans

Community Champion

Re: Lump but no signs on scans

Hello Julieann , how frustrating for you to not get an explanation but still have the worry ,could you speak to GP and ask for a second opinion ? It is obviously "something" even if it isn't sinister .Not all breast cancers show up on ultrasound or mammogram so it is certainly worth pushing for further investigation if you are not happy with the outcome .

Lump but no signs on scans

Had mammogram and ultra sound this morning all clear .. yet the specialist could feel the lump approx 1.5 inch he sent me back for another ultra sound after he drew around the lump and still nothing showed up . So I was discharged . Shoulder pain is hurting more after the mammogram ..just don’t know where to go from here . I have a scan on my leg next week as have about 5 lumps on my thigh .. maybe I’m just an old lumpy hypochondriac!! Feeling a little lost ..