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Microcalcifications and wait for biopsy results


Re: Microcalcifications and wait for biopsy results


I’m in a similar situation . Found a small pea sized lump in left breast about 8 weeks ago , waiting to see if it disappeared with my monthly cycle but no still there . After referral from GP I  attended breast clinic yesterday ,had mammograms Ultrasound biopsies and a titanium marker left in lump and now a 2 weeks wait to get results . 
Im also a nurse and mum to 3 teenage boys and really really scared x


Re: Microcalcifications and wait for biopsy results

Hi Flutterby, I can totally understand where you’re coming from having been there at the end of August. I had to wait even longer for the results because of the bank holiday. I think we all try and justify things, and that’s normal. I was convinced that there would be nothing as my mother had had calcifications and needed nothing done. Try and remain positive. If there does turn out to be something, then it has been caught at a very early stage and can be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Good luck.


Microcalcifications and wait for biopsy results

Hi all,


Attended RR clinic with breast sensation changes and ‘lumpy’ boob.  Honestly thought it was nothing, as did the Consultant until mammogram showed calcification requiring biopsy.  


As a nurse myself I know every precaution needs to be put into place to rule out anything sinister but still finding the whole waiting for results horrendous.  Did anyone else go through the swings of ‘oh no I might have breast cancer’ to ‘don’t be daft most biopsies are benign’ and of course the ‘I have no right to feel so upset and make a deal of it as i’ve Not been diagnosed with anything yet and it’s probably all for nothing’.  Half the time just feeling guilty for being a drama queen.  


Have a results app’t in just under 2 weeks which of course I’ve analysed as if they were really suspicious they’d surely want to see me sooner!.


Any advice or just someone to clarify I’m not actually losing my marbles and this is normal would be great..


thank you x