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My appointment today


Re: My appointment today

So glad to hear that!

Enjoy your birthday and have a lovely big drink to celebrate! 

Community Champion

Re: My appointment today

Great news Kerry .


My appointment today

Firstly, thanks to all who helped by replying to my anxious posts about my upcoming first appointment at the Breast Clinic. I’ve been today, had an examination, mammogram and ultrasound and been given the all clear 😀 

Two weeks ago today I noticed that one of my nipples was inverted. I sort of ignored it for two days then gave myself a good talking to and phoned the doctor who saw me the same day, examined me and did the referral.

i’ve been very anxious, convinced myself I had cancer and that I was going to be told that today, so I’m very relieved I’ve been given the all clear. What a great birthday present as today is my 52nd birthday. 
I’ve read so many posts on here - what am amazing, caring, supportive ‘family’ you lot are! 
Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you and to share a few things that may help some-one. 
1. If you’ve noticed any changes in your boobs, please phone your doctors today, it is more likely it will NOT be cancer

2. Talk to someone, whether it’s your partner, a friend or someone on here, it will help, whilst you’re waiting for your appointment to come through and then whilst you’re waiting for the actual appointment

3. At your appointment, it’s most likely that you won’t be able to have someone with you the whole time (during the current Covid situation) however, that doesn’t mean someone can’t go with you to the department then go and wait in the car to be ready on standby, if needed

4. It might be an idea to keep your bra off until they’ve finished, rather than off for examination, then off again for mammogram, off again for scan etc (Make sure your bag’s big enough to fit it in!)

Anyway, thanks again.i wish everyone the best.