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New - Test Appt, the practicalities


Re: New - Test Appt, the practicalities

Thank you both.  I usually never leave house without water.  And often have ‘emergency’ stash of the Belvita biscuits.  Not that I’m hungry, more with so much going on anticipating massive headache, and its better if I eat a nibble.

I imagine post appt will need chocolate!  I’d say vino, but now I’m an old wotsit, sip of wine is instant migraine.

Think I might swap out my handbag for a messenger bag!

I expect when I get my appt the worries over procedures will arrive.




Re: New - Test Appt, the practicalities

Different hospitals will have different rules, but work on the principle that you will not have a locker.

If you wear a front fastening top - buttoned blouse/shirt, full zip hoodie etc. you might avoid wearing a gown. Generally a useful item of clothing to wear for any appointments.

I would say a lightweight cardi or similar would be a good item to take so you can pop it on or off as required to keep your temperature comfortable.

Carrying a bottle of water means you can hydrate whenever you need. (and lord knows hydration is key to every step of the process!) Hopefully you can refill as required too. Even in the "normal" times, the water dispensers didn't always have cups.

Likewise I would make sure you have some munchies with you. I find Belvita 'breakfast' biscuits and Graze snacks are nice small packages. If you have somewhere to eat properly you can always keep them for next time.

Don't forget a book if it is going to be a long one!









Re: New - Test Appt, the practicalities

Hi Jaybea

doesnt sound silly at all.....I was diagnosed in the first lockdown last May 2020....I had to attend alone Due to Covid restrictions ( they are still in place at my hospital) .....I was asked to change into a gown after seeing the consultant....I kept the gown on for the mammogram.....then the USS then another mammogram.....then to see the consultant again....I changed back into my own clothes after that.....so maybe had the gown on a couple of hours.....I was given a Hospital carrier Bag for all my belongings....and I had to take them with me from one room to the next and the next.....I guess It depends on your hospitals Covid rules at present....maybe ring up and ask before the appointment....there was a water dispenser in the unit but everyone had their own ( I guess people didn’t want to put themselves at risk of catching Covid)......i didn’t take anything to eat....I think the last thing on my mind that morning was food......but I’m sure you could if you wanted.....

hope everything goes well for you


New - Test Appt, the practicalities

Hi - I’m as yet undiagnosed, just today seen GP, and will be on the 2 week referral.

The tests, I get its decided on the day as to which etc, as yet they are not worrying me.  However its the silly practicalities, which I’m already obsessing over.

Yes easy to disrobe - but will it be off/on if subject to several tests.  Will I be in a gown, do I need a cardigan to pop on in between, or?  Is there a locker for handbag etc, or do I heave everything everywhere.  It will be a long appt I understand, so do I need to take water, munchies. Guess my appt will say if I have to be alone for Covid, hence needing to have custody of my belongings myself.

I know this sounds trivial, but I tend to be practical, and these things bug me.

Thank you