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Next 24 Hours


Re: Next 24 Hours


All went well at my hospital appointment yesterday.

What a relief !


The consultant radiologist was very reassuring and  told me that there " was nothing to worry about " and no lump. She diagnosed me with breast cancer back in 2003.

l still have to see a Consultant for follow up but I can cope with that.

The team I saw yesterday have been looking after me for 27 years I realise and it's such a help to know the personnel.


Thank you for providing the space for me to express my fears.







Re: Next 24 Hours

Thank you Helena. It's very kind of you to offer me your hand of help,and support. 

I really need it but I really like to think I have done the same over the years for others diagnosed with the wretched disease.


I have not had a mammogram without Richard being there to help me through the torture. My biggest fear was that I would certainly get Lymphoedema in both arms if I needed any treatment to my remaining breast.

Its so bad that I'm under the care of St George's in London who are hoping to get funding for surgery to remove some of the bulk but they have had 4  bids turned down. All other treatments fail.

My biggest worry now is putting my family through more pain.





Community Champion

Re: Next 24 Hours



Hello and welcome to the forum, you will get lots of help and support from the lovely ladies on here.


I did not want to pass over your post without wishing you well for tomorrow afternoon.  You have been through so much in recent years no wonder you missed it last year. If you want to let us know how you get on, and keep in mind that we are all here virtually holding your hands


Sending you hugs


helena xxx


Next 24 Hours

I am struggling to find a way to
get through until this time tomorrow.
Yesterday I went to see my GP and she ordered an urgent referral for a mammogram and ultra sound on my remaining breast. I am going along to my
local hospital for the tests tomorrow afternoon.
I have been in remission for 16 years but I have severe Lymphoedema.
My husband died last April after a recurrence of renal cancer.
I missed my yearly routine mammogram last year because I was too exhausted and grief ridden to think about it.
I can’t bear the thought of another cancer diagnosis for my family to endure.
I’m 67.