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Outcome of result in writing


Outcome of result in writing


So I finally have my results, it took me a while to open the letter, I opened half then put it down again, i couldn't even bring myself to do that.  Such a wimp....

So after half an hour of debating and working at the same time, i plucked up the courage and its benign and consistent with stromal fibrosis.  I feel like the biggest wimp and moron at the same time. But I needed it this way in writing, like I say its not for everyone.  

I will have to go back to the doctors as it still doesn't feel right though, i think the initial clinician is right with perimenopause and maybe hrt is needed.  So its still not over.  Im assuming the marker will be left in...

But more importantly I wanted to say a massive thank you to Jan ( Jaybro) and Evie who has given me the best advice when I've been so low and the lowest I have ever been in my life. These are the ladies who need medals and are our lifes Angels 👼💗👼in getting us through the most awful journey of not knowing what our results will be, to the point where I had a mini breakdown.  So I take my hat off 💗

I will still be me, not brave, but honest instead Xx





You have me to a T Jan 💗 the lizard brain definitely takes over and I think.a course would definitely help me so im going to look at that 💗xx


Hi Bluecat

I am delighted for you, but not surprised once they agreed to send the results by post. You’ve put yourself through a mini-hell but have got a good outcome. You’ve asserted yourself in your medical care so, if ever there’s a next time in any area of health, you are more than equipped to face it.

I’ve not been called an angel before but I have a big smile, so thank you. I wish you all the best and want to offer two pieces of advice. First, keep off Google for all things medical until you have the absolute facts and second (speaking as someone with panic disorder), there’s a lot to be said for pausing, stepping back and engaging that frontal lobe rather than the lizard brain that causes more misery than necessary. There’s a brilliant free course on FutureLearn about the brain and emotions if ever you have the time and inclination.

And I repeat, be KIND to yourself. Wimp? Moron? Think of the courage it took to open that envelope!!

Jan x

Community Champion

Bluecat - I just sent you a message on another thread and then this message came through. I am so so pleased to read your good news 😊. To say it’s a relief would be a massive understatement! Time now for you to have fun with your son and husband and I know you will appreciate every day even more than ever.

Bless you for your kind words, that means a lot.

You are a brave lady - you stood up for what you wanted, how you wanted the results delivered and that takes courage. I wish you all the very best for the future and in the nicest possible way hope you won’t need to check in on here again (though of course we are here should you have another worry). 

Evie 💕💕