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Pea size armpit lump


Re: Pea size armpit lump

Hi Natailie


Sorry you find yourself here, you are doing the best possible thing by getting checked out! 

On my first appointment it wasn't really necessary to ask questions, more a case of answering them as the team will be assessing your case.


I had an examination first for me pea sized lump back in May and the Dr said he thought it was a cyst but it is procedure to ultrasound so thats what they did at the same appt. Whilst having the ultrasound the sonographer checked the lump and then my armpit (when the lymph nodes are) then asked if I had come alone, my husband was in the waiting room so they went and fetched him, straight away the Dr said he was 99% certain it was cancer, but caught early so they did the biopsy there and then.


They give you a local anasthetic first to numb the area and then take the biopsies, its wasnt too bad and didn't cause my much discomfort afterwards. As I am 39 they then gave me an appt for 2 days later for a contract enhanced mammogram (if you are under 40 your breast tissue is very dense so hard to assess with an ordinary mammogram).


I got the results the following weds and was confirmed at stage 2 invasive cancer and surgery booked the following week.


You have to remember that the teams are really specialist at this and they wont fob you off in any way, and many lumps, bumps etc turn out to be nothing. Please dont worry about the biopsy, it is the best way to find out what you are dealing with, and it may well be nothing to be worried about.


Thinking of you


Helly xx

Community Manager

Re: Pea size armpit lump

Hi Natalie


Thank you for posting and welcome to the Forum!


Sorry you've not had a reply yet - I'm sure our Forum users will be along shortly to pick up the conversation.


I hope your appointment went well on Monday. It's good to read that you're remaining calm and positive, but if you ever need support, we are here for you. If you'd like to speak to one of our clinical nurses about the appointment, your results or just for a chat, you can call them free on 0808 800 6000. 


Sending you our best wishes,






Pea size armpit lump

Good morning everyone, I’ve been reading on this forum for the past week and my word it’s been emotional to read. The bravery and guts shown is outstanding. I find myself here as I have a hard lump in my armpit, it’s been there around 3 months now. I thought nothing of it but visited the gp with a different ailment (fatigue and breathlessness). I just mentioned the lump at the end of the appointment which sort of changed everything. He examined and said let’s get you referred to breast clinic on the 2 week pathway. My appointments this afternoon. I’m not a massive question asker, I have no medical knowledge and tend to take what the experts say as gospel, even though we all know misdiagnosis happens all too often. I believe in my heart it’s just a benign growth that’s sprung up to give me a scare! And this last week it’s worked lol. My GP suggested I took notes to clinic with any relevant questions to ask but I don’t know what to even expect let alone ask. He also mentioned it may well be biopsied today. Will that hurt? 

I cant feel any lumps in my breasts at all, and apart from feeling generally run down and short of breath (which is driving me bonkers) I’m otherwise ok. 

Breast cancer is however on my mums side of the family which raises the alarm a little more. Other than that i’m relatively calm and positive. I will keri you updated on what happens later. If anyone can offer any input/advise/ please do, I will appreciate your words and time. 

Warm wishes 

Natalie xx