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Please help with biopsy report :(

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Re: Please help with biopsy report :(

Roxygucci123 ❤️ Well done you for being vigilant and getting checked out and for popping on here to seek more guidance. Sorry you had rude nurse and treated what sounds like in a dismissive way because of your age. You are doing everything right, being vigilant and you got treated and you are still being vigilant now by not being fobbed off ❤️❤️ Please do ring the number on here and speak to a nurse. I am hoping one of the nurses sees your post here too and responds to you. Glad you have come on here and ‘babbled’ no question, query, call for help, seeking advise or anything is ever beyond what Breast Cancer Now will reach out and help support with kindness and care ❤️💕💕Shi xx


Please help with biopsy report :(

Hello 🙂 
I’m looking for a little bit of advice please 

Here goes my journey so far… 

I found a dimple on my breast which randomly appeared, went straight to my drs and they sent me for an ultrasound (I’m 28 years old) during the ultrasound they found what they called abnormality exactly where my dimple was so they did a biopsy… results of the biopsy came back inconclusive so my consultant wanted to do surgery to remove it all and some of the outer area… this was done within 2 weeks… I had to wait 3 weeks for my results ( I’m sure it’s meant to be 2? However) I got a rude nurse call said nothing to worry about but come in to see your consultant to go through results… well…. That was yesterday I went and she said my results really wants that clear…they thought hard and decided it was ok to discharge me… she went on to explain more which is a bit out of my depth in doctoral words but it’s atypical hyperplasia ductal but because of my age they are just going to discharge me with no further check ups… I was a bit set back because being a therapist in training.. all I heard was the words thinking coming out of her mouth nothing was certain I felt no actual diagnosis was for certain but because of my age it’s ok to leave me… I think asked why no check ups she said it’s because your too young for a mammogram… so I say I can have ultrasounds and she actually said oh yeah.. I didnt think of that and I don’t know why we haven’t done this… I’m just a bit set back! I think I have babbled so much and I’m sorry! The words I have on my paper are 

proliferation of atypical breast epithelial cells with visible mitosis. 
view of the cytological atypia. It is best regarded as atypical proliferation. 
cells express ck5/6 and p63. 
dialted duct infolding 

Foamy histiocytes with surrounding chronic inflammatory cell infiltrate. 

there is no convincing evidence of in situ or invasive carcinoma on the material examined. 

sorry I put down as much as I can 


xx Abbie