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Recalled after mammogram


Re: Recalled after mammogram

Hi Magical Merlin

just wanted to update on what happened to me and to offer you some hope really. My recall turned out to be a suspicious area in my left breast (I had initially gone about right breast!). The mammo had shown calcifications so they did a biopsy, it came back as benign and showed a radial scar that they wanted to do a wider biopsy (vacuum assisted) to test further and use that procedure to excise the area. Had that done a couple of weeks ago and again the results came back benign. It is so scary when you hear you have been recalled. My mind just leaps ahead thinking awful things. I hadn’t even heard of the things they found and it all turned out ok. 

I know it’s so hard but try not to worry. After a couple of days of extreme worry I did find my big girl pants... I got to a place where I thought well if they’ve found something then let’s crack on and sort it. I was just screwing up the present worrying about what ifs. 

Hope you get good news very soon. And yes my hubby did come with me. He stayed in the waiting area for the procedures but came in each time I got results x


Re: Recalled after mammogram


saw your post...i was recalled after my 2nd year mammogram.  Like you i was completely shocked.

wanted to take a closer look at a particular area.

i would take a good friend with you if it were me just for support regsrdless of which way things go.

good luck and let us know...xx


Re: Recalled after mammogram


I just had my first Mammogram on 8th May and received a letter today, 18th May, about 2 hours ago recalling me for more tests.  I don't think I can quite believe it and to make matters worse hubby is abroad working and I'm at home on my own - in a bit of shock I think.  Needed to talk to someone so came straight to this forum.  My next appointment is less than a week away, 23rd May and I don't even know if my husband is going to be home to come with me.  I also don't want to tell him while he's away working as I don't want to worry him!!  Can I ask if women going back for a second screening would normally take their husbands or partners, or a female friend instead?  Have so many scenarios going through my mind now am not quite sure what to think.  Feeling a bit numb to be honest. xx


Re: Recalled after mammogram

Hi Sue

Thanks for replying - and yes I’d go wth crap!

Can’t believe how quickly I can become a jibbering wreck.

Sorry to hear you are in a similar position. Trying to find my big girl pants... they must be around here somewhere...!

Fingers crossed for good news for both of us. Hope your wait isn’t too long x


Re: Recalled after mammogram

Hi Kay,


No advice really as I'm in a similar place to you waiting for further tests, and I know exactly how you must be feeling.  It's all a bit crap, isn't it?!


I'm wearing my big girl pants and assuming better safe than sorry - rather find something now than further down the line I guess.  


Sue x


Recalled after mammogram

Hi there

so freaking out... recently had mammogram as right breast is often painful and is a bit thicker than it has been. No lump in particular and GP referred non-urgently as she didn’t think there was anything to worry about but thought as well to be safe as my sister had breast cancer in her 40s. I am 42. 

Got letter today following Mammo saying it needed further investigation and giving me mammo and ultrasound appts at same time for a couple of weeks time. Letter says “XR Mammogram Lt” and “US Breast Lt” I’m assuming this means Left breast?? Which is the side I didn’t have any worries about. 

When the radiographer was doing the mammo originally she kept asking to take more - she told me to start getting dressed by then changed her mind and ended taking about 4 more. Now completely worried about what they found. Help. 

Anyone else similar experience?