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Seen in breast clinic

Community Manager

Re: Seen in breast clinic

Hello Gooner20,

Thanks for your post.

I am sorry to see that you haven't had a response yet. I am hoping that my response will help our members to see your post and offer any advise or experience.

In the meantime, if you have any concerns, please feel free to post on the Ask our Nurses board.

Sending you our best wishes,



Seen in breast clinic

Hello all... 

Im not really sure what I'm asking here but.. I went to the breast clinic Thursday after being referred by my GP, I only waited two weeks after finding a solid lump in my left breast. They done a ultrasound and my result was something that he wasn’t sure of!? 

I am currently breastfeeding My 5 month old, so they aren't sure if it's related or what it is. I've come away more confused as I thought they would just say it was a cyst and I would be on my way! 
they want to do another ultra sound and biopsies, I have an app on the 2nd July.

they didn't do it that day in case they sprung a leak but never asked me to stop breastfeeding?  

Has anyone got any reasuring words and been in a similar situation please.

many thanks to you all 

take care xxx