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So many symptoms & waiting for Mammogram

Community Manager

Re: So many symptoms & waiting for Mammogram

Hello maddier20,

Thank you for your post. I am sorry to see that you are worried. If you ever feel the need to talk to someone who understands, please know that we are here and always happy to talk things through.

I hope that my response will help our members to see your post and offer advice or even share their own experience.

In the meantime, for clinical questions you can post a message on to the Ask Our Nurses board.

Sending you our warmest wishes,



So many symptoms & waiting for Mammogram

I went to my OB for a very red swollen breast with a large lump. I also had this strange red streak and swollen lymph nodes under my armpit. They prescribed antibiotics and treated as mastitis even though I haven’t nursed in 4+ years. They mentioned the red streak resembled Mondor’s Disease but it was just red not cord like. Follow up was Monday and the lump has shrunk but found another lump at the visit. I also have bad bruising where the initial lump was found along with peeling skin and my nipple is slightly retracting. It is also still very tender. I woke up this morning with a painful swollen lymph node in the opposite armpit. My mammogram and ultrasound aren’t for another week and I am absolutely TERRIFIED. I’ll go a few hours without thinking of it and then the cycle starts all over again. Any advice or simile experiences?