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Surgical Biopsy Schedule, but now something new with breast.


Re: Surgical Biopsy Schedule, but now something new with breast.

Thanks Jan!


The surgeon's nurse called me back yesterday and she said to massage the area in the shower with warm water and if it's still "lumpy" on Monday to call them and they will have me come back in. I'm really stressed about this. Up until now, it was a distant chance that the small mass was malignant. But with this, it has me really worried. 


Also, I'd describe my lumps the exact same way you did. More like mounds in the areola, painless and discolored. 


I had my mammogram/ultrasound/ductogram, Oct 23rd, so in that exam this wasn't there. My surgical consult was on Monday, and honestly I didn't even look at my breast after my shower. I usually have a towel on and get dressed in my bedroom. 




Re: Surgical Biopsy Schedule, but now something new with breast.

Hi Cuttlefish


I can’t offer comfort because I’m no expert and don’t know your full diagnosis. What I can do is share my experience: 

Last year, I went to see my GP with two small bumps on my areola. They were pale, soft, painless, bigger than the bumps you get when the nipple contracts - and new. No matter how much I glared at them, they stayed there. GP and (very experienced) consultant thought they were nothing to worry about and neither had seen them before (I’d also had a clear mammogram 6 months before). A biopsy on each proved otherwise. They literally saved my life as I had no other symptoms. This isn’t to scare you (I think you’re probably maxed out after Dr Google, the sick person’s terroriser) but to show you that it’s not worth ignoring things that appear unimportant. Get them checked out asap. They may be nothing, they may be left till the 26th, they may be biopsied as ‘unusual’ and change your surgery plan. Who knows? They aren’t putting you in immediate danger so you can relax on that score - you’re already on the right schedule. Hopefully, they are harmless/irrelevant but at least you’ll know. If you just keep looking, poking and comparing, the next couple of weeks will be constant worry for you. 


Fingers crossed they’re nothing. Better to be sure tho - and please, ban google for the duration of your treatment - just ask the experts. If you need to know something, the nurses here are excellent - and more considerate of your emotional wellbeing than Google is.


Best of luck,

Jan x

Community Champion

Re: Surgical Biopsy Schedule, but now something new with breast.

Cuttlefish, the best advice my Onco ever gave me was that Google is not a doctor, and the Daily Mail is not a medical journal! Just stay away from Mr. G as it is years out of date and always fatal 😱  My advice is to ring up your BC nurse, I’m assuming you have one and get in to have the breast checked. No point waiting and worrying yourself sick about the situation. There are lots of pdf files on here which are useful but I think you need a look see from a professional. X


Surgical Biopsy Schedule, but now something new with breast.

New here, hi!


I have small intraductal mass. Not seen in a mammogram or ultrasound. They found it when they did a ductogram (my ultrasound showed a dilated duct). I met with a surgeon and will need to have a ductal excision to biopsy the mass. All indications point to benign. I'm scheduled for Nov 26th. I'm 44. 


However, today, I noticed 3 lumps on my areola and my nipple was indented. This on the same breast but opposite side of where the duct mass is. This is new. I have never seen this. My breast has been hurting on the side where the mass is, almost like a burning pain. On the lumpy side there is no pain, no hardness, squishy feeling (squishier than the rest of my breast). I am now totally freaking out. 


I'm not sure if I need advice or comfort.... google has not been my friend today.