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Taken a back by my emotions?


Re: Taken a back by my emotions?

Hi Nik, just to update, I did call to share my concerns. Thanks for all advice, you are all angels. Pass my thanks to phone nurses too. 


Re: Taken a back by my emotions?

Thanks anne-m, that post gave me a boost. X

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Re: Taken a back by my emotions?

Hi Flossyadams,

Try not to beat yourself up about it, it’s always an anxious time when waiting & the mind can go into overdrive somewhat.  

Hopefully all will be well again, there’s no reason why not & of on the off chance it is bc, then thankfully it can be dealt with. 

It’s not about luck & anyone can be affected by bc, so do keep those guilt feelings in check. 

Let us know how you get on 

ann x



Re: Taken a back by my emotions?

Thanks Nik will call if I can't cope, just the reply helped.x

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Re: Taken a back by my emotions?

Hi Flossyadams


Thanks for posting. If you want to talk through any concerns whilst awaiting the test results, our breast care are here six days a week. The number is 0808 800 6000. We're closed for the bank holiday and open again tomorrow at 9am. Standard opening times are Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and Sat 9am-1pm. 


Best wishes


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Taken a back by my emotions?

Hi all. I feel selfish for posting tbh, as I'm in the "waiting for results" of call back, and not in a situation as bad as some .

I'm taken aback by my emotions/reactions of I'm honest. 

5years ago I went through same,  mammo, call back, tests,core biopsy, surgery. I got the all clear. So lucky as I'd had a lump for a year! and left it.. ( I know, how stupid). I was fearful of gp, as I have phobia of going out, plus I felt invincible. I strolled through it, no worrys, very strange now I look back.

However this time round I can barely breathe from shock!. It's early days...so why am I not at least calming down?

I was ok b4, has my luck run out.? I have this gut/core feeling It's gonna be something, even small. I haven't been a healthy girl in past, I partied in younger years. I don't eat well, I don't sleep well.

I feel I may of brought this upon myself.

If I am spared the "C", I will feel guilty also, as my mum who is super healthy and responsible, did get a small Cancer awhile back but , she's all ok now! 

Are these muddled fears normal, selfish, acceptable. I'm 53, going ,I feel so daft being so obsessed suddenly with this all.?

Any adivce, big pants, kick up the b..m! Welcome. I need to get a grip. 

I do sincerely apologise to any reading this, who are way beyond "waiting for results, and are poorly. I just need to share, as I have no one to tell.

Thanks in advance. No reply are needed really, just getting of my mind has helped.  Take care all and thanks. X