I found a lump in my right breast back in May.I went to have it examined and the doctor said not to panic as to her it felt like a fibroadenoma but she was going to refer me to the breast clinic to be sure.


I finally had my appointment last Tuesday.I hadn't panicked up to this point but my conversation with the surgeon has me terrified.Firstly he called it an ill defined mass and more of ridge than a lump.He asked if there had been any trauma to the area.There has been over the years but not recently and when I told him so he said well this is odd and concerning to feel and he said something to the student doctor about it being deep.


I was on my own and burst into tears.He then began to back track and say it is just strange,you are only 31,no family history and I don't think it feels like cancer but it does need an ultrasound and probably a biopsy.He then went on to say that about 10% of masses like this are cancer which means that 90% aren't.


I am back in on Tuesday to get those test and now convinced it will be cancer.I feel the surgeon was trying to prepare me for the worst but then didn't want to continue when I became tearful