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The waiting game all over again


Re: The waiting game all over again

Hi Jaybro,

Thanks for the reply.

I am so lucky with my GP, she managed to get my CT results to me within 5 days too. 

Sorry to hear about your tumour not being picked up. Hope you don’t mind me asking what your treatment is just now? 

I just have to be patient but my mind is going places it hasn’t been in a long time! Reassuring hearing about your suspicious areas turning out to be clear. 

10 years on I thought I was out of the woods but nope you just don’t know what will come next.



Re: The waiting game all over again

Hi Ann

I’m so sorry you’re in this situation. It can be horrid. I always say that waiting, waiting and more waiting is what to expect with breast cancer. I’m gob-smacked that your GP has done all that for you. Without going into detail, I feel pretty let-down by my GP practice.

The wait is essential. They need to establish what type of cancer it is (if it is) in order to give you the right treatment to stop the spread. There may also be more hospital-led scans and a lot of women talk of scanxiety (waiting for the scan, then waiting for the results). I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful - it’s something you just have to accept. It’s one of the cruellest things but it’s necessary.

I hope you get good news - all of my suspicious areas identified in CT scans have proved harmless so far. It’s a shame they didn’t pick up the tumour hiding in the my socket! Heigh-ho. Xx


The waiting game all over again

The worst part is waiting. Waiting for the call or waiting for the letter to drop through your letterbox.

Had such a horrible night with my mind running away with itself.

I had grade 3 her 2+ BC in 2011.  Mastectomy, chemo and herceptin followed and I got through it. Fast forward to September and I got Covid which caused issues for me.  During an ultrasound for something totally unrelated - they discovered something suspicious on my adrenal gland.  CT ordered and it has confirmed a mass on adrenal gland and nodule in lung which thankfully they said not overly concerned with the nodule.

GP who is amazing, sent everything to my breast care team so now the dark wait ……..

I think I am strong but ‘bam’ a night like last night just hits me.  

When I was diagnosed 2011 I was on this forum, however, before the new set up.  I met some lovely people.  Such a great feeling knowing you are not alone.  I have great family support and an amazing daughter but they themselves are dealing with this too. 

Just wondering if anyone in same situation who is waiting on results of it returning……..or if anyone who relates to my post.