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Re: Ultrasound

Hi Ann-m, thanks for your reply, yes that's true, it's great that I could be seen so quickly, I could of been seen the first week but I was on holiday but I am glad as it would of been an hour away and I don't drive, the appointment I have this Thursday is in my home time so no stress thinking about travel. Thanks x

Community Champion

Re: Ultrasound

Hi Sunnyrainbow,

It’s quite right you’ve been referred, as any breast change should be properly investigated & only the clinic can get to the bottom of it. 

If it’s not clear what it is, then usual practice is to take a biopsy of the area & the results take a week or two to come back. 

It could well be a ‘duct,’ most breast changes turn out to be nothing serious. 

Hopefully all’s well, it usually is, but the most important thing is it will now be checked out. 

ann x


Re: Ultrasound




Hello all. I went to see the nurse practitioner two weeks ago and she has referred me for a ultrasound at the local breast clinic! She said under my right breast (where I thought it seemed abit different) has a lump, she said something about it is possible it could be a duct or something! 


I keep thinking what if😰. I am 39 and  have had M.E for 19 years and got diagnosed with fibromyalgia 3years ago. I always have chronic fatigue and other various symptoms, it's been so much worse in the last year though that was after a bad flu over winter! I am now  thinking is it a sign of things!


 I am from a very small immediate family so I don't know if it's in my genes! I'm just trying to be ready for whatever the outcome will be. Will they make another appointment if they see something or take a sample on the same day? Thanks x