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Waiting for a referral, downgraded due to age

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Re: Waiting for a referral, downgraded due to age

@sunflowerruby - I am very sorry, I typed a reply to you yesterday morning and was sure I’d posted it but it’s nowhere to be found. Luckily @Seabreeze came along and wrote most of what I had planned to say. I also wanted to send you a hug and welcome you to the forum.

I noticed that you had also posted on the 10 weeks wait thread, and I am sure you saw the link Jaybro added to the NHS 2 week wait guidelines - here it is in case you can’t find it again: https://www.england.nhs.uk/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/symptomatic-breast-standard.pdf

I agree with all Seabreeze says, 12 weeks is too long to wait. Do give the nurses on here a call or go back to your GP and quote the 2 week guidelines plus the pains you are getting. My daughter was seen twice in her teens at the breast clinic, and both times she had an appointment within 2 weeks of seeing her GP. Do you have someone to be with you and give moral support while you press your GP - sometimes we need someone to help us get what we are asking for.

We really are right with you so please keep us posted or ask any questions, or just offload. We all understand exactly what you are going through so never worry about being judged.

Very best wishes and hugs, Evie xx (I hope this post works this time!)



Re: Waiting for a referral, downgraded due to age

Hi Sunflowerruby,

I appreciate you being worried given you mention breast cancer is in the family, however as I'm sure you are aware that there are many causes of breast lumps and most lumps are not bc (and it would also be very unlikely at your age).

Having said all of that 12 weeks is a long time to wait and I appreciate it can be a worrying time. You could go back to your GP, explain what's happened (and mention any changes since you first saw your doctor) and see what they say. You could also contact the hospitals PALS team (Patient Advice and Liaison Service), who may be able to speak to the breast clinic on your behalf or intervene? The PALS contact details will be on your hospitals website.

You may also find it helpful to call the nurse at BCN (telephone number at top right of screen) and talk it through with them. They might be able to reassure you a tad and have some suggestions too?

I hope you manage to get seen soon and that it's nothing suspicious. Have you spoken to a close friend or relative (preferably someone who's relatively calm)? Good to have someone you can trust and speak to if and when you need/want to.

Sending you a gentle hug.

Seabreeze X 


Waiting for a referral, downgraded due to age

Hello all,

I recently found a lump in my left breast and went straight to the doctor. 

Due to a strong family history of breast cancer doctor referred me to breast clinic to be seen in 8 weeks. 

the consultant in Breast clinic downgraded my referral to routine because I am only 21. I don’t feel this is fair as breast cancer does not care how old you are. 

I am now at 12 weeks since my first appointment. Does anyone have any advice on how to be seen? My anxiety is sky high and it’s all I think about. I also have excruciating sharp pains in my breast that cause me to grasp myself. 


(I have looked at private but it is too expensive)


thank you