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Waiting for appointment



About 6 days ago I noticed that my right breast had enlarged a lot, I had like a pulling/tugging sensation, it was uncomfortable when laying down as it felt like it was putting pressure on my chest.

I saw my GP on Friday and she was quite shocked at how much larger it was than the left breast, upon examination she found a 3-4cm lump that runs under my nipple from left to right. My aerola is slightly darker than the left side and my nipple/aerola is pointing outwards- not sure if that is due to the swelling.

My GP prescribed me antibiotics but also referred me to the breast clinic under the 2 week rule.

I haven't noticed any improvement with the antibiotics, today I have woken up and my right nipple is hard, itchy and really sensitive.

I am 36 years old but had a hysterectomy in October last year due to having a boggy uterus and continuous bleeding, everything including my ovaries was removed apart from my uterus and I have been on Tibolone ever since.  

The breast/swelling isn't hot to touch, I don't have a fever or feel unwell.