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Waiting for breast clinic appointment. 32 years old.

Community Champion

Re: Waiting for breast clinic appointment. 32 years old.

Hello Laura,

Just wanted to respond to your Post and send you good wishes for your appointment on the 12th.

It is normal to be anxious and no doubt all the worst case scenarios are running through your head, especially as you have children to look after. Your partner sounds supportive which is good. You know you can always ring the nurses/helpline here and talk things through.

If your particular job is creating more anxiety, is it possible to organise a change of duties temporarily, if you don't want to stay off work for the time being?

You have done the best thing and got a referral to the breast clinic. Remember, most changes are not cancer. If it is, then you will be in the best place to start dealing with it.

Take care and best wishes, 🐥 x

Waiting for breast clinic appointment. 32 years old.

Hi everyone,

I went to GP last week and have been referred to breast clinic. My appointment is the 12 th June. I found a lump and was told the area in my right breast felt lumpy, I can feel at least one lump that does not move and is about the size of a pea. I just feel like I’m bottling my feelings up at the moment, I’m a mum of 2 and also have a step-son. I work as a registrar and will be registering people’s deaths all next week which seems to be sending my anxiety through the roof. I feel like I am bottling how I’m feeling up as my partner took it quite bad at first but is now saying everything is going to be okay...but in the back of my mind I’m scared silly! Finding this website has just made me want to vent to other people who have been through the same 🙂 reading some of the forums has definitely made me feel better so whatever the outcome I feel there is such a supportive community for women out there that I had never even thought about

Laura xxx