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Waiting for my appointment

Community Champion

Re: Waiting for my appointment

@tylerj1 - I’m really sorry you find yourself on here, but wanted to welcome you and send you hugs while you wait for your appointment. The waiting really is the hardest part, but we are all here to chat, listen and hold your hand.

I can completely understand that with your job that your mind has gone into overdrive and that all the things you would usually say to patients to reassure them have flown out of the window. Try to remember the statistics that most lumps are benign and that as one of the other champions, @Shi wisely says “you don’t have BC until you are diagnosed”.

It sounds like a cliche but now really is the time for lots of self kindness, lots of treats and whatever makes you feel better. Try to take one day at a time and not let your mind race ahead, though of course that is way easier to type than to do. Please keep in touch, beforehand and afterwards to let us know how you get on.

Sending you strength and hugs, Evie xx


Waiting for my appointment

Feeling a little sorry for myself. 

On the 2 week wait pathway and it is the longest two weeks of my life, still have another week to go.

I am an oncology nurse so as you can imagine my mind is driving me crazy.