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Waiting results


Re: Waiting results


That sounds like she put you down for a routine appointment at breast clinic. If it is a fibroadenoma, she may recommend it’s removed as they have a tendency to keep growing, Mine was 5 inches (shows how long ago it was, it’s all metric now), so they may discuss surgery options.

The fact that the registrar didn’t seem to think it was breast cancer (apparently they can often tell by the feel, according to my GP) should be encouraging. After all, 60-90% of breast lumps are benign. Keep that and your registrar’s reaction in mind. You would be contacted immediately if anything were amiss. You could waste a lot of energy on anxiety over something that IS very scary but sounds unlikely from what you say. Do stay off Google and do stop poking and prodding because it will get tender and worry you more. It’s not going to go away but it’s not going to change in this waiting period.

I hope you will feel optimistic and that there is a positive outcome for you, but it’s natural to think the worst and, afterwards, wonder why on earth you worried so much. All the best xx


Re: Waiting results

Hi Ann,

Thank you so much for your response and sorry to hear you are also awaiting results! 😞 

I feel its just the wait until my actual appointment - if it was bad news I am assuming they would have had me in quicker! But that might not be the case, as I am uncertain what the usual waiting times are for results even when it's bad news! I guess that's why I wrote on here to see if anyone had to wait but was still bad news! 

My thoughts are with you and hope you get a positive outcome!



Re: Waiting results

Hi CS24

Waiting for results is such a worrying time, it’s the worst part of the journey! It would be great is tests / results / scans could all be done within days. 
Sounds promising if the registrar wasn’t fazed although you will be just wanting to hear in person I am sure. It’s easy to say pop it to the back of you mind but I know this is not as easy done.

I am waiting to hear also, it’s the uncertainty. 

Sorry I haven’t been much help but know how you feel.





Waiting results


I recently found a lump in my right breast just above the nipple. I went to the Dr 2 days after finding it and she referred me to an ultrasound. I was in 6 days later having a scan. The registrar wasn't too fazed by it and thought it was fibroadenomas, but as i am over 30 (31), she wanted to do a biopsy. She said results would be 10-14 days. 

8 days after the biopsy, Today I received a letter to go to the breast surgery in 3 weeks time. I am not sure if i am being too optimistic but thinking if its in 3 weeks time surely it can't be bad news as they would have me in sooner. Is this right of me to think this or should I still be worrying? I am gutted this is going to hang over me over Christmas! Can and one advise?

Thank you!