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Wish next week would hurry up!


Re: Wish next week would hurry up!

Hi there!I am working and then I don't think about the breast. 

I saw the doctor yesterday and she said that my lump feels like a syst but you never know and my check up ou the 24of June. 

I m going to drink wine every night. 

I'm so worried that feel sick. 

I wouldn't probably find my lump only 3 days after my period I felt uncomfortable so I checked what it was.  I booked an appointment on the same day.

My brest is painful but not dramatically. I keep thinking that is cancer.  My boobs are big what if I didn't check them properly. 

I haven't got any other symptoms only a lump and it's painful. 

We need to be strong....


Wish next week would hurry up!

Hi all. It's me again. I get my results of core biospys 6th June. Appointment has been changed to 3pm. Wanted the morning really. I was a wreck last week, but after advice it fizzled out. My nerves calmed. But today I've been restless. Just need to know. I know this is normal, so that's a relief. Not swollen now. The up side is all my nets/ curtains etc are washed. I've gone in cleaning mode. I feel a snowflake for moaning on here as I'm only " worried waiting" , but it's how I'm feeling. Atleast I feel safe to allow myself flaky moments on here. I seem to have this calm inner feeling also? But in the sense of " this time I won't get all clear" as in the past. Maybe a protective thing? Who knows, but it's odd feeling calm, but also nervous. I'm overthinking and analysing as usual. Well folks thanks for listening, my problem feels lighter already. Thinking of you all. I will post my outcome of course. I'm smiling to myself now, ..should of called my username snowflake!,..ha! I will tell you the outcome. I know I just gotta wait and keep busy. Night for now.