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Worried I'll be told it's nothing

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Re: Worried I'll be told it's nothing

Hi Ghostfox,

As Paulus says...

As a biopsy has been taken, then the lab will report it, so it certainly should clarify what it is. 

Be prepared to ask questions & get the answers you need - as I’m sure you will. 

I’m surprised that in view of your family history you were not offered testing, as it would help complete the picture for you, so do get answers on this. 

Another thought, that in view of breast density, which is usual for younger women, then an MRI scan is a better imaging technique than a mammogram, so maybe check this out with them as well. 

Let us know how you get on & it maybe worth talking to the nurses on the helpline here, to clarify it all. 

ann x



Re: Worried I'll be told it's nothing

Gosh, I'm so sorry that in view of the family history that your concerns were not more closely paid attention to.


If you are not happy with your treatment, or you feel that the feedback you get at your results is not satisfactory, you are surely well within your rights to seek out a second opinion?  I imagine it depends whereabouts you live, and how easily accessible other hospitals would be for you?


I wish you all the best, and maybe in view of the way you have been responded to, it might be possible to take moral support/reinforcement with you when you go?


Worried I'll be told it's nothing

Hi everyone

I'm going back for my results on Friday morning and I'm feeling really deflated about things.

I first noticed swelling around the beginning of March, but I thought I'd knocked myself and as it felt like tissue and not a clear lump I didn't get it checked for a few weeks until I realised I was being silly and it wasn't normal for me. By this time, my left breast aches so badly that I'm even wearing an underwired bra to sleep in because I can't get comfortable without the constant support.

I've just turned 30, but my mother had her primary breast cancer at 32, with secondary breast cancer in her brain, spine and liver at 37, and she passed away at 39. Her mother has had a double mastectomy for breast cancer. I requested genetics testings and was told that it didn't apply to us.

My GP was really great as she also saw my mother during her primary and secondary breast cancers and referred me under the 2 week rule to the breast clinic. I took my best friend with me for support and they did a brief breast exam and dismissed that it was anything to be worried about and that it was just normal tissue. I was still worried so I insisted to the nurse that it's absolutely not normal for me and that it's uncomfortable and painful, so to assure me (with a huff that it was an inconvenience at that) she said we'd do an ultrasound. I went in for the ultrasound and needless to say it was silent as she observed. She took around 40-50 images and when she moved it around to the place where my lump was a massive black area came into view, which worried me - it was so immediately obvious and out of place. She measured it and kept taking photos then requested a mammogram for me straight away.

I went for my mammogram and then went back in to see radiologist again who said that my mammogram was clear but that they wanted to do a core biopsy to be certain. I have a problem with tissue density in this breast (which doesn't apply to my other breast) so it was a fight to get the biopsy done and I'm still suffering with heavy bruising a week later. 

My appointment is friday morning to get my results but I'm starting to worry more now that they're going to say that it's nothing. If nothing else this tissue density is so uncomfortable.