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Re: Worried


 I am very worried too.

On the weekend I noticed a soft painless lump in my armpit and I thought it maybe because I have a tooth abscess. I saw a GP on Wednesday and she felt my armpits (which hurt) and said she could feel a small swelling deep in the armpit and because of where it is and I was having an anxiety attack (I have PTSD because I had cervical cancer 6 years ago and thankfully I have been given the all clear but I now have a colostomy an urostomy) she was going to refer me. She thinks it is fatty tissue and wants to put my mind at rest. I ran out of the surgery.

I rang my GP yesterday (in tears) and asked her to refer me and she said she would mark it as urgent due where she could feel whatever and my anxiety and (I can’t remember this bit because I was crying) either they will see me in 2 weeks or I will hear from the breast clinic in 2 weeks. I am waiting diligently by the phone.

I guess I am looking for reassurance and I am looking things up on the internet, which isn’t great idea.

With kindness and thank you,



Community Manager

Re: Worried

Hi kezC

I am sorry you are going through this period of anxiety and stress.

You did the right thing with calling your GP as soon as you felt a change in your body.

I hope the breast health clinic clears things up for you, and that you manage to get an appointment swiftly.

If you think it helps to speak to one of our breast health nurses about anything that's on your mind, you can speak to us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm) - we're always happy to chat.

Sending our warmest wishes




Hey so 4 weeks ago while in the shower shaving under my arm i felt discomfort had a feel around and felt a lump thought ah it’s probably a swollen gland and left it then 2 or 3 days ago I felt discomfort again on the edge of my underarm again felt around lump still there then found another lump on my breast yesterday morning when I woke up the top of my left arm was dead so I phoned gp went in for a check up he also felt the lumps and said there is a lot of pain/discomfort and inflammation so he said he was going to refer me to breast check clinic because of this and as there is family history I’m absolutely petrified as I have 4 young kids 1 diagnosed with autism adhd and odd and his twin has intellectual disabilities but we think there is more and we also suspect youngest may have adhd.my head is all over the place could tis possibly just be cysts or something minor today now I have tingling the whole of my arm gp started me on inflammation tablets yesterday Incase of infection could the tingling be from this??