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Wrong results


Re: Wrong results


I keeping my fingers crossed for you it’s all the waiting around is hard and you sound like you have been pushed from pillow to post I hope tomorrow goes okay & you get a thorough check xx


Re: Wrong results


Thanks so much for the reply. I'm so glad to hear that after 5 years you're ok.

My Gyno said that they would have to do an ultrasound before mammogram for insurance purposes, since I'm under 40. Though the ultrasound tech and the lady at the breast clinic (over the phone) both said that because I'm over 35 there's no reason that they couldn't have done the mammo first. The breast clinic said they want the results of that ultrasound (as do I) but that they will end up doing their own if they find the same cyst or anything else. 

I've waited about a week and a half already, not counting the time I waited for the first ultrasound and results. Waiting "patiently" is the worst. 


Praying for you're continued healing.


Re: Wrong results

Hi Malloy 83,


It sounds like you've been going round the houses, between one orbit and another (I'm a bit mystified as to why your gyno would send you for an ultra sound of your breast rather than a straight referral to the breast clinic in the first place but I might be missing something). I can see why the different lines you have been given must be a tad frustrating, all can say is at least you have now been referred to the right clinic to get yourself checked out, be it cyst, no cyst or anything else.


I can understand you feeling concerned given your family history, however, as you seem to be aware, there are loads of other causes of breast lumps. 


Breast Cancer Now offers a phone advice and support line where you can speak to a nurse. You can also post a message to the nurse on the forum (aptly named the "ask a nurse" section)! If the 10th seems like a long way off and you feel it might be helpful just to speak to someone who get's it, you might find it helpful to call the nurse.


In the meanwhile try not to worry too much (I know it can be easier said than done), you have done the right thing getting it checked out.


Seabreeze (diagnosis early 40's, now 5 years on and doing ok)



Wrong results

Hello all!

Thought I posted here but can't find it.

Honestly not sure what I'm hoping to get from posting. I know I just have to wait and try not to stress but here goes nothing.

I'm 36 and have BC history in the fam. My maternal grandmother died with BC and my maternal Aunt is in remission. I've experinced pain from my armpit down the side of my breast (right side) for over a year now. Thought both felt kind of lumpy but nothing that really stood out as an "oh no" lump. Had mentioned it to my gyno a while ago but was shrugged off because everything "felt" fine. They told me to lay off caffeine.

The pain has recently gotten more intense and constant, whereas before it would come and go. I saw my GP who told me to see my Gyno and they sent me for an ultrasound. The tech found a cyst on the left side (the side that doesn't hurt). She also said that she was a mammographer and kept encouraging me to have a mammogram (which had me a little freaked out). When I went back to my Gyno for results (they had also done a cervical ultrasound. They said everything was good and no sign of cancer. I asked what about my breast ultrasound and they had to call the hospital and argue with them to get my results. They finally came back in and said you're good to go? I said, "what about the cyst"? She said, "I guess it was ok. They said it was good". 

Shew sorry this is so long...

A couple of weeks later I get the paper results saying it was clear, but only on the right side but not in the left (the one they found the cyst in). I called to question about the left side and they said they had no record of a cyst. The tech went over it 7 times and took measurements so they said it should have been documented. They referred me to Breast Clinic for a mammo and now I'm waiting for my appt on the 10th.