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just referred to Fast Track clinic

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Re: just referred to Fast Track clinic



Hello and welcome to the forum.  You are not a pathetic jelly, rather a lady who is concerned but who has done the right thing by going back to your GP to get your concerns addressed.  Presumably your GP is doing an urgent referral to the breast clinic so that you can be seen asap to find out what this is.


Let us know how you get on if you want and sending you a pair of our virtual tough pants which have deep pockets so that we can all climb in and hold your hands.  They are sparklyl because it is Strictly season.


Sending you hugs


helena xxx


just referred to Fast Track clinic

Hello there everyone I've just got back from the doctors and wondering how people are so brave when I'm a pathetic jelly. I'm 59 and was referred to a fast track clinic 2 months ago as my left breast was noticeably fuller - I had a mammogram and an ultrasound and discharged. Tonight I went to a different  GP at our surgery with a large-ish lump under my left armpit in the centre. She said straightaway it was a lymph node and then said how much fuller my left breast was than my right. I am terrified that the fast track clinic missed something on my first visit - and now worrying how advanced or aggressive this cancer could be. my sister, mum and grandma have all had breast cancer in their 50's and 60's. Thank you for reading this