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"Highly suspicious" breast lump & lymph node biopsy


Re: "Highly suspicious" breast lump & lymph node biopsy

Hi Leanne, how are you feeling?

It's so hard isn't it as there so many questions that are going through your head. I'm trying to think back over every tiny detail what was said in that room but then it's so difficult because it's a bit of a brain fog.

Mine said he didn't know what it was. Does that mean he thinks its cancer but doesn't now exactly what...or that be literally has no idea what it is..

I know theres absolutely no point in going over these questions but I really can't help it. It's exhausting. Since Thursday I've had what I can only describe as a pressure feeling in my chest, as though someone is pressing down on a particular spot in my chest. It's constantly there so I'm thinking how could this just be anxiety..?

What time is your appointment tomorrow? The very best of luck, I will be thinking of you xx

Re: "Highly suspicious" breast lump & lymph node biopsy

Hi thank you both for your replies. I am not thinking positive at all. Just wondering how I would manage practically as it's a really bad time financially, at home and at work at the moment. My family are not supportive anyway. My husband has also just had a big operation . There is never a good time to have this going on, but for me it is probably the worst time ever. I also have another health condition so I am already so exhausted. Sorry to moan but no one is understanding that I am close to walking out and just going away. I think I will get bad news next week from what was said but hopefully it will be easily dealt with. People have said the hospital are just being over cautious, but do they say highly suspicious if they are not sure. Good luck with your results next Thursday. Be thinking of you, let me know how you get on xx

Re: "Highly suspicious" breast lump & lymph node biopsy

Hi Leanne -

I'm in exactly the same position as you. I get my results next Thursday. I had found 2 lumps in my right boob. One of them he said he wasn't overly concerned about. The other one he said he "didn't know what it was". He has taken a biopsy from that.
He also said I have some enlarged lymph nodes under my armpit and took a sample from there as well.

I am so so scared. I feel like I'm preparing for the worst. I'm trying to think positive but it's hard isn't it..?

Sending lots of love your way xx

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Re: "Highly suspicious" breast lump & lymph node biopsy



Hello and welcome to the forum, not a place you want to be but you will get lots of help and support from the ladies on here.


To be honest it will only be when the results come back that they can be sure of what it is or is not, by trying to second guess it will only cause you more anxiety and stress. 


Sending you hugs and just keep comoing on here, we will get you through to next Wednesday


Helena xxx


"Highly suspicious" breast lump & lymph node biopsy

Good evening, I went to the breast clinic on Monday. Had mammogram, ultrasound and two core biopsies - five samples from the lump, two from an other area which I think was a lymph node as down the side of breast away from the lump. When I asked the consultant afterwards why two areas biopsied was told a widespread area, that it is highly suspicious, but he will look after me and they will take good care of me. I get the results next Wednesday. Does this sound like I was being prepared for bad news, or do they say highly suspicious just in case, if they are not really sure?