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💗 you are right!


💗 you are right!

After a couple if hours having an inner wobbly,  and waking up in the night, you are both right Jan and Evie, you have both given me amazing advice 💗

I'm going to go into the appointment when I get my date scheduled and im going to put my big girl pants on again.  I've just spoken to one of the nurses on the 0800 number, fantastic calm lady! 

She did explain that as I haven't had a mammogram before they need to know if these calcifications are " normal " for me or not, hence the biopsy, it just makes sense what she was saying, plus a few other tips she gave me, it just puts it all into perspective 💗... and it is routine to see your consultant face to face regardless of the result.  

Thank you ladies, no doubt I will continue to post up until my appointment! 

💗 xx


Hi Bluecat

That’s excellent news. Strangers though we are, I feel dead proud of you (maybe you can reciprocate when I do my dreaded mammogram on Thursday - even tho I know there’s nothing t dread!).

And, as Evie said, it’s lovely to know we’re appreciated even when we don’t necessarily say what someone wants to hear. Thank you 🙂 

Jan x

Community Champion

Bluecat - that’s great that one of the nurses was able to explain and reassure you.

And thank you for your lovely kind words. Kind words always mean a lot, but more so today after I have been shaken by a particularly insensitive cancer related remark from someone yesterday - not on here I hasten to add. Some people who haven’t been through it just don’t understand. 😢

Do please keep chatting and posting, and also helping others. I saw on another post that your son is about to sit his 11+, all the very best to him.

Evie xx