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Radial Scar info…..


Radial Scar info…..

Hi I’m new here.

I have been blessed with a radial scar in May 2021.  I was in for a routine mammogram, I’m F/50y, I’ve had ‘lumpy’ breast my whole adult life.  I was 35 when I did my routine self examination and found a lump in my (R) B. I had opt out of the biopsy and had a lumpectomy in 2006, Benign.

I have been very proactive with keeping up with my self exams, and have found many lumps thru the years.  I also have very dense tissue, so I have a 3D + ultrasound done.

Most recently I found 2 lumps 1 in L & 1 in R in 2018, and have had MM + US every 6 mos.

Last year, 2020, I received the ok all was good.

Went in for my annual MM in Feb and they found 2 complicated cysts, both at 1:00, one is “suspicious” measuring 5 x 4 x 5 mm recommendation of CNB and the other “probably benign” (there is no measurement) —- I had opt to do the CNB, and was informed of the Radial Scar.

It’s a long story, but I’m not happy with my Primary doc, I did see a breast surgeon she recommended, she recommends surgery, I told her my breast history she said we could do the 6 mos check ins w/ MM + US since the size was small.

I decided to get a 2nd opinion.  And I’ve been digging really deep into Radial Scar, there isn’t much info out there.  I am asking a lot of questions and trying to understand the info I’m finding.  Wanting to do the right thing for my body.

I don’t have any relationship with my biological mother and I do not know my biological father or his side of the family, I do know he is deceased.

2nd Breast Surgeon, another long story; she was unable to read the CD of my past MM & US that I provided for her at her office.  We decided to do a Bilateral Complete US with her people and compare it with my past MM + US — the results are similar, both at 1:00, although the size is “measuring 10 x 9 x 15mm at cyst w/an associated biopsy marker clip likely representing site of biopsy proven radial scar” and the other measures 8 x 5 x 3mm “probably benign”.

She was to have her team of radiologist and pathologist review at a round table.  At the next mtg,  she suggests surgery to remove the RS and I asked her about the size difference, which change a lot from May to Sept.  She said they were having a difficult time deciphering from the other report, that the current one (hers) could have been over calculated.  And I asked about the round table, and she said she didn’t do the round table, as she was pretty sure they would suggest the same, surgery—a simple surgical excision and removal of the entire Radial Scar of Breast is customary.

Her take away was: get a 2nd opinion from another pathologist.  I also suggested a genetic BRAC1 + 2 since I have no history of my biological side. She agrees. And I also asked if she could please ask her team of radiologist & pathologist for  round table to discuss my case.

I’m currently looking into genetic testing, and have a Tele-appt next week to hear what the other pathologist says & round table discussion.

I know its customary to have it removed, because there is little info on RS.  But I’d prefer not to have surgery.

What does this mean: (from my original pathologist)

-Benign breast tissue with radial scar with florid usual ductal hyperplasia (UDH)

-Negative for atypical hyperplasia, in situ, or invasive carcinoma

I’ve saw / read about vacuum biopsy, do they take the tissue /biopsy out of the RS? Or what’s underneath it? Can they even do that?

I see benign and negative, so i makes me believe I should just keep an eye out on it and not do surgery, its very confusing.  I know the RS is not in question, its what underneath it that could be an issue, right?

I mentioned to the 2nd Doc about doing a biopsy, she said she didn’t want to keep poking, and making Swiss cheese out of it.

This is from the 2nd opinion Pathologist: Radial scar with intraductal proliferation, morphologically compatible with florid usual ductal hyperplasia.  What does that mean?   

I’m in my peri menopausal stage,  mainly plant base, exercise regularly, mediate, hardly drink alcohol not sure what else I can do.

I even asked if I should just get a mastectomy, she thought that was too invasive.  My thinking is that if I’m constantly finding cysts, because I have cystic breast, I’ll continue to always do biopsies, which can be mentally challenging.

I asked if there are studies with womxn w/RS if they opt to not do surgery, what were the results, did the RS change etc… she did not have that info.

And if the lumpectomy in 2006, does it have any correlation with RS, both in the (R) B.?

I’m just trying to understand, to make the right decision for my body. And to advocate for myself and for others.


If you’re still reading, thank you…. Any info or advice would be appreciated or direct me to any articles &  info that could help me understand better.


with love & gratitude,

Forever Frankie