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Feel like I'm going crazy waiting for breast clinic appointment...


Re: Feel like I'm going crazy waiting for breast clinic appointment...

Hello Raggydoll,


Just a short message to acknowledge your post and to wish you all the best for Monday.  You sound like you have been and are going through the mill so hopefully your appointment next week will clarify some things.  Feeling anxious and fearful sounds very normal in these circumstances.


Hopefully you are being  seen at the One stop shop type of breast  clinic where exam. scan and biopsy if needed will happen at the same appointment.  At least that will hopefully reduce the "waiting game" and you will  get some answers that day.  I hope you let us know how things go. 


Fingers crossed for you x





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Re: Feel like I'm going crazy waiting for breast clinic appointment...

Hi Raggydoll,
That’s what this board of the forum is for, for those to post who are in that horrible anxious place when waiting for breast clinic appointments or other investigations & fortunately, for the vast majority, it turns out Not to be bc.

So sorry to hear you’re going through this at the mo, as you say, it’s quite usual for the mind to go into overdrive as the anxiety & uncertainty is so hard to handle. We’ve all been there at some point.

You’ve done all you can for now & what needs to be done, will be done. It’s the not knowing which is far worse, but it usually never turns out as bad as we imagine.

Do let us know how you get on & do come back if you need to chat or vent further.
ann x

Feel like I'm going crazy waiting for breast clinic appointment...

Hello all,


I am new here.  I hope it is still OK to post having not actually been diagnosed.


I have been referred by the GP for a 2 week appointment at the breast clinic due to a mass in my left breast and also a smaller one in the right (this one is less concerning to me as it feels very much like a cyst which I have had before).  I am due to be seen in 4 days' time (Monday) but cannot seem to put it from my mind.  I feel like I'm going crazy.


I suppose what isn't helping is that I have been off work for some time now.  Originally this was with some severe pelvic pain and urological symptoms but while absent I began to feel generally very unwell with a whole host of symptoms which I won't list entirely but included fatigue, dizziness, low appetite and weight loss.  There are blood tests/referrals and investigations going on regarding these symptoms but with so much happening at once I was convinced there must be an underlying cause.


Just over a week ago I went back to see the GP because of feeling so much more unwell.  I've been having a low grade fever on and off and had noticed lumps on the back and side of my neck (lymph nodes) with no sign of any cold/flu/virus/infection in the area.  A few days later I noticed a lump in my left breast.  On examining further, I noticed that this wasn't a single lump but was connected to a whole mass of hard tissue like an irregular-shaped 'plate' running from the outside of my inner breast toward the nipple.  There is then a thin 'strip' of hardness connecting it to the round, hard lump.  I compared this to the other breast and the tissue there is much softer and feels very different.  The rounded lump seems to be getting bigger and to have grown in the time since I saw the GP.


There have been changes in recent blood tests, such as unexplained inflammatory markers and rising (though still in 'normal' range) platelets which the doctors are as yet to find an explanation for.  I can't help thinking that the reason I feel so terribly unwell is because I the breast lump is something sinister which has begun to spread.  I am only 33 and have a partner and daughter.  I just want to be healthy again for them and to get back to work and normality, but I feel as though there's a real possibility that Monday will change everything and I'm terrified.  I want it to come around so that I can get answers but am dreading it at the same time.


I guess I'm just looking to vent and for information really.  What to expect, whether anybody has experienced something similar.  My mind is in overdrive at the moment and I'm finding it hard to distract myself from it all.


Apologies that this is quite long.  Thank you to anybody who takes the time to read and/or reply.