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Hard breast lump and appointment


Re: Hard breast lump and appointment

Yeh Karris, I hoping you're okay too. Let us know how you're doing, if you're up to and able.


Lucy - I've been reading a few of your posts, and I'm sorry you're going through it until the 24th appointment. I really DO hope they just turn out to be cysts. Hope your hubby, work, kids, and the red wine (of course!! Smiley Wink) all help to distract you until then. Lovely to speak to you in Russia! My fingers are crossed for you, that's all they are.

Lots of love to you

Delly xxx    


Re: Hard breast lump and appointment

Hi! How are you doing?

I hope you are well!

Lucy xxx

Community Champion

Re: Hard breast lump and appointment

Hi Karris,
First of all, you’ve done all you need to for now & although the ‘giant letters’ are scary, as I’m sure you know, any unexplained breast change will be referred under the 2 week rule this way.
Also, try not to read anything into what the consultant said, chances are it was just meant as an observation. As ever, they do this day in & out, whereas for us, we tend to be hyper vigilant in the anxiety of it all, including any other symptoms we may have.
At the breast clinic, if it’s clear what it is, they will tell you on the day, but if a biopsy is needed, then there is another week or 2s wait for the results.
Do let is know how you get on.
ann x

Hard breast lump and appointment

Hi Everyone


I am 57 and 4 years postmenopause. I have previously had 'lumpy breasts' and cysts drained once or twice at the breast clinic. Last time I went the consultant said that the lump I am feeling (left breast in the middle) is the same cyst they drained before and kind of insinuated that next time I should remember that when I am examining my breasts in future.


Since I have been past the menopause my breasts have been very soft with no lumps. I've had two mamograms since I was 50, the last one 2 years ago.


So I was just itching under my arm early one morning the week before last when I felt a kind of lump. Its hard, small about 1cm and a bit weird shaped  and deep, on my chest wall. Left breast, upper.


I deliberated after what the consultant said, but I went to the docs in the end and the practice nurse felt around and referred me straight away on an urgent appointment as I am over 50. I got a leaflet form the doctors through the post saying I had been referred for suspected cancer (in giant letters!) which was scary. Now I am worried that it is that cyst agan. It feels in a different place and I can feel where the cyst used to be as well.


Also, the past six months I haven't been feeling well, I feel like I have aged dramtically. I went to the doctors in the late summer with aching joints and bones. This was diagnosed as arthritis but it seems to have come on more suddenly than some of my friends, who got arthritis gradually. Obviously I am worried it is somehow connected. 


My appointment is on the 27th December a the one stop clinic. Does that mean you get a diagnosis the same day?