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Inverted nipple and now lump

Community Champion

Re: Inverted nipple and now lump

Hi Bob,
Of all the things it can be, bc is the Least likely, but it’s totally right that you have been referred under the 2 week rule to get it properly checked out.
There’s no way round it, but waiting is stressful, so it can help to cope with the wait by keeping busy, carrying on as normal & avoid any googling of your symptoms as this will only create a shed load of anxiety for no good reason.
By far, most breast changes turn out Not to be bc.
If you want to, do let us know how you get on.
ann x

Inverted nipple and now lump

Hi ladies,

Was wondering if you were able to help.

A few months ago I noticed that my left nipple started going inverted, it’s now more inverted then out if that makes sense. Anyway, I wasn’t overly worried but then I noticed I had what I can only describe as pin pick marks over that same breast, like an orange skin. So I googled, worse thing to do but decided to pop along to the GP’s just in case.
After examining me, she found a lump.

I’m still breastfeeding my 10 month old so it can’t be cancer right?

She’s referred me to the breast clinic under the two week rule and now just waiting. It’s only been 2 days and that’s bad enough.

I’ve no pain in my breast at all but I’m suffering night sweats which I have done since i started feeding which the midwife said was down to the milk. I’m 33, I’ve alreadg buried one of my children and I have 3 others that need me.

It’s just hormonal right????