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Is This Inflammatory Breast Cancer?


Re: Is This Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

Hi , welcome to the forum 😊 I know your brain will be running riot now trying to work out what's going on but it's impossible to second guess, symptoms of breast cancer vary so much and only the breast clinic can tell you for certain and you've set the ball rolling there already which is good. 

Try not to keep googling as you won't find the answers and it will only add to your anxiety, I know how stressful a time this is but keeping busy helps! Let us know how you get on Xx Jo 


Is This Inflammatory Breast Cancer?

Hi There


I've been worrying myself sick over the past week. Last weekend I was doing my hair when I came out the shower and I noticed I had this dimple under my right breast. I had also had a sort of crusty discharge intermittently throughout the last couple of weeks. I didn't panic but decided I should get it checked ASAP so went to GP on Monday. He felt my breast and said there were a couple of nodules he wasn't completely happy with so has put an urgent referral into the one stop breast clinic. I think the reality of it hit me at that point and I've pretty much been a wreck since then. However there were no changes in my breast until Sat when I woke up with a rash around my armpit. I can only describe it like sunburn. It felt hot like sunburn, was bright red and was slightly raised. It has left my whole armpit feeling tender but the colour has changed to look more like bruising around my armpit but it still has a burning sensation. Does anyone know if these are symptoms of IBC and if not what else could be causing these symptoms? I have never had breast problems before.