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Large, painful lump diagnosed with biopsy as fibrocystic changes?

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Re: Large, painful lump diagnosed with biopsy as fibrocystic changes?

Hi imdes - first of all a big hug and a warm welcome to the forum. I can offer support and a listening ear, but I’m afraid I personally can’t help you with your specific question. You might like to call the nurses on here - number at the top right hand corner of this page 0808 800 6000. You know your body better than anyone and it’s important that you follow up as you feel that they have missed the main issue that you first went with. It sounds like you have a sympathetic GYN so do have a good honest chat with her. 

I hope someone else may also be along who might be able to offer further advice.

We are all here if you would like to chat further, no question is too big or small. I wish you all the best and hope that you can find an answer to your pain, one that is nothing to be concerned about. Evie xx


Large, painful lump diagnosed with biopsy as fibrocystic changes?

Hello everyone. I am new to this forum and desperate for some support / answers.

Very quick back story: I am 22 years old and have a vast family history of BRCA 1 but have not done genetic testing myself yet as I am pretty young.

About 3-4 weeks ago, out of nowhere, I started experiencing moderate boob pain and felt a large lump or maybe just a thickening of tissue in the spot it hurt just to the left of my nipple. I waited for my period before I went to my GYN to make sure it wasn't related to that. There were no positive changes with my period, the pain seemed to get worse and my boob even started to look more enlarged as the days passed. Went to my GYN who said she agreed it did not feel normal and referred me for a US and mammogram.

US showed nothing in the area I felt pain in but they found a spot about 1-2 inches above it near my armpit they wanted to biopsy. They also refused to do the mammogram. The radiologist said it was a complete coincidence they found that spot and it was not at all related to my symptoms. Thought this was extremely strange, but did not question it because I assumed the biopsy would help explain the plain lower down. Was just called back with my results today from the lab I was referred to and they said "we found fibrocystic breast changes that are completely normal and can be ignored unless something changes."

My GYN is not in the office today so I will call her tomorrow to ask more questions and explain that the biopsy was not done where we both felt something, but I am worried she is going to blow me off as well. This cannot be normal and they cannot leave me in pain like this!

Has anyone had a similar experience? Or any experience of being misdiagnosed or not taken very seriously? I am not sure it is cancer, but I figured it was at least a cyst or a benign tumor. Was not expecting an answer of "it's normal"