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Looking for some breast pain comparisons...


Re: Looking for some breast pain comparisons...

Hi, I know this post was a while ago, I hope you are well. I’m just wondering what the outcome of your appointment was? I’m having similar types of pain (accompanied by an inverted nipple though) and am awaiting date for an appointment at the breast clinic and really worried/anxious x 

Community Champion

Re: Looking for some breast pain comparisons...

Hi v0ndoodle,

Hopefully one of the others will be along to share their experiences specifically.

There are certainly others here who have reported similar symptoms & as with most breast changes, it normally turns out to be nothing serious.

Good to hear you have your appointment shortly.

ann x


Looking for some breast pain comparisons...

Hi everyone. I hope your Saturday is treating you well. I'm new to the group as I have been worrying myself for the last 40 days and am hoping someone can give me some comparative stories?
I have been referred to a breast clinic (appointment on Tuesday) because I went to see the Dr about pain in my breast. At the time I had had it for about a week, quite sharp pains in the lower quarter of left breast sort of around the nipple and out (sorry its hard to explain!), the pain was getting worse so I thought I'd better do due diligence etc. Dr examined me and said she could feel a lump above the pain and referred me. This was a week ago and the pain is still there, sometimes less so, sometimes more, sometimes it wakes me in the night.
Obviously everyone says pain is a good sign but I was hoping to hear of anyone who's suffered thr same sort of symptoms and what the overall outcome was?
Many thanks in advance!