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Lump for years - what to do?


Lump for years - what to do?

Hi, I'm 37 and I've had a thickening / lump for at least 4 years now (I first went to the doctor about pain in my breast in 2013, but a lump became palpable from about 2015 after the birth of my child when it started to grow very slowly). It's also changed in shape slightly, but that was probably due to trouble with breast feeding. 

I've had many ultrasounds on it and they have NEVER seen anything on the ultrasounds. Even though it's very obvious to feel and the thickening is quite a large area with a lump on top. I've also had a FNA which was a disaster - as they thought it was a cyst (it wasn't) because they thought the needle washings were cyst fluid. So the results they gave me were of the needle washings. They also lost the slides which miraculously appeared 2 months later (after I flagged this up). So all in all, it said no abnormal cells were seen, but I'm not sure I trust them after what happened. 

I went back to the hospital for another ultrasound last week and again nothing could be seen on the ultrasound and no one has said what it is. (Possible glandular breast tissue?) The question is, do I have a core biopsy on this or should I leave it alone? No one will tell me what to do and they are quite happy to leave it and get on with having another baby. I've scared myself senseless reading this forum and I'm really concerned something has been missed, but I don't want to have a core biopsy unnecessarily due to anxiety.

Has anyone had a lump not visible on ultrasound? Has anyone had a lump for years which grew slowly and then turned out to be cancer? 

Thanks for any help xx