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Lump on breast & armpit


Re: Lump on breast & armpit

Hi Chan

I’m sorry you’ve had no replies. The fact is, no one can diagnose anther person’s condition, only say ‘I had that’.  No lump in the breast or armpit should be ignored so it’s good that you have a referral - the NHS commitment is a two-week promise.

You may well find that it’s something and nothing. Most lumps referred to breast clinics are benign (between 60 and 90%) so the odds are good. It could be a cyst or a fibroadenoma, which is the development of a large lump of gristly tissue and may be left in place or may be removed. The lump under your arm might be an enlarged lymph node but again, it needs to be checked out. You have no reason at this point to assume it’s breast cancer but it can’t be ruled out.

My advice would be to be realistic. It could be something or nothing. You can worry yourself sick thinking it’s something, only to feel a bit foolish when you are reassured by the consultant or radiographer that all is ok. On the other hand, it is wise to accept that it might be something worse. Do make sure you stay off Google, which had the capacity to terrify us with unwanted and outdated information. If you need reassurance, I can strongly recommend the nurses’ helpline at the number above. I’ve used it several ties and it’s an excellent service. I wish you all the best - do let us know the outcome xx


Lump on breast & armpit

Hello, I have a lump on my breast and have had for 3 months. A few days ago I found a tiny round lump under armpit... waiting for my emergency app at hospital. Does this sound like anything to worry about? Does anyone have similar story's? I'd just rather know before I go and be prepared for the worst, thank you. Chan 😊