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Lumps, bumps and dents

Community Manager

Re: Lumps, bumps and dents

Hi Amylou220

Welcome to the Forum, and I hope you find these boards useful.

You did well to contact your GP when you noticed a change. It's good that they put in a referral for you, and I hope by the time you read this you will have received the call you were waiting for.

I'm sorry this has made you nervous. I hope that once you speak to the team at the hospital you will feel more reassured.

Whether you have had your test already or not, do you know of our support line on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm)? If there's anything on your mind and decide to call us, you'll reach our team of breast care nurses who can talk through anything that's worrying you. Our team is friendly, patient and entirely non-judgemental... so please don't think twice about calling.

Sending our best wishes



Lumps, bumps and dents

Afternoon all...this is my first time posting so bear with me. I am also waiting to get an appointment through from the breast clinic already so this is just for some advice before I drive myself completely insane in the interim! 

So I am 33, but have a pretty strong family history of breast cancer (mum was diagnosed with it at 40, great grandmother on mums side had ovarian cancer, great grandmother and great aunt on my dads side both had breast cancer).  Given all of this I do check relatively frequently although perhaps not as often as I should. 

On Sunday night I discovered a lump in my left breast when showering, it was quite large so I asked my other half to have a feel too in case I was going mad. He said he could feel it and that it had been there for a month or so already (thanks for the warning!). I knew I’d have to call the GP first thing so I parked it. Until bedtime...when I was cleaning my teeth and getting in my pjs I noticed an indentation in my breast under where the lump is. Then the panic started to set in.

I spoke with the GP (literally at 0805 yesterday morning) who put the referral in for me yesterday and I’m still waiting for a phone call. But today I noticed I also have a lump/swollen gland in my left armpit. So now my panic alarms are 100% all blaring! Should I be preparing myself for the worst here? Should I be trying to contact someone to be seen to sooner now that I have discovered the lumpy armpit or do I just wait as I’ll be seen within 2 weeks anyway? Can someone please be my sanity and bring me back from the edges of panickville? Thanks in advance!