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Mastectomy essential after D.C.I.S?

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Re: Mastectomy essential after D.C.I.S?

Hi Savana

Welcome to the Forum. Yes, this Forum is run by Breast Cancer Now, and is aimed at people in the UK.

What I would recommend is that you speak to our breast care nurses who may be able to speak to you about this, and provide support. You can reach us on freephone 0808 800 6000 (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm; Sat 9am-1pm). If you prefer, you can post in our Ask Our Nurses boards, and they'll reply to you in this way.

Sending our best wishes



Mastectomy essential after D.C.I.S?

Hello Ladies (I hate people using the Americanism term "guys" +referring to females.!) Apologies for complaining in my 1st post +sorry again if there has been a topic reg this but I've not looked 

through forum yet. I'm now age 60 + 10 year ago had DCIS removed under general anaesthetic.

After my mammo in Dec 2019 DCIS returns,ie, calcifications, I was recalled +after having 2 separate  biopsies,the 2nd being done

because surgeon realised she would have to go deeper + nearer to the chest wall. Follow up 

appointment surgeon says , She can't get out all the pre cancer in milk ducts(which I presume it is )

She advises I have mastectomy, but as my breasts are small, she l just  make a flap, take out the breast

tissue, replace with implant + put the flap back over. Makes sense?. I was supposed to go +sort out a date

for op to be done in April which obviously got cancelled. I really don't want this op. What's chance of DCIS

which is contained in situ, the chance of it spreading to main tissue? ++ Even if it does would it then be stage 1 cancer? Or could  become stage 3or 4 that quick?  Can any lady here reassure me this op is 

not necessary?  I'm in the UK, Is this site mainly UK residents. Thanks for reading.  SAVANA